Hi!! I'm Emily!

I am originally from Bellflower, Ca a suburb of Los Angeles. In 2017, I moved to Texas and lived in San Antonio for about a year and a half. After meeting my husband in 2018, we moved to the Austin area in 2019 and here we've been ever since.

We have three young boys whom I call my crazies. Seriously y'all....SO. MUCH. ENERGY. Hahahaha. You're probably wondering......if you only met in 2018, how do you have three boys? Haha. We're a blended family!! My husband and I each had a child prior to meeting (so we've each inherited awesome bonus sons!) and then we had our youngest together!!

I did (still do) the stay at home mom thing for a while when we moved here and, while I love my children more than life itself, I found myself needing a hobby I could be passionate about. I tried a bunch of different things; painting, sewing, writing, reading, but I just didn't find the passion for any of it that I was looking for.

One day, my husband mentioned he had an old camera and he had signed up for a photography course but had never taken it and I immediately said "I've always loved photography!!". That's where it all started! I took the course and started playing with my camera, mostly taking photos of my kids at first and then moved on to actual clients!! I started out with a Nikon D5300 and a kit 18-55mm lens and today I shoot with a Nikon Z6ii and a 35mm lens mostly. It's been a labor of love getting to where I am and I couldn't be more proud of how far I've come!!

I can't tell you all how grateful I am to have the business I have. The joy I get from meeting new people and their families, capturing their precious moments, and sending them photos that they'll cherish forever is really what makes me love what I do. Making my clients happy is what keeps me fulfilled. I love knowing that I had a part in making those memories special for them, and if you let me, I'll do the same for you!!

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